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PicPlayPost App

PicPlayPost  App for iPhone, iPad and iPodPicPlayPost is a great app for the iPhone or iPad (iPod als0) to combine videos and photos in a frame. It is an elegantly simple application to use. Select your frame and ratio and get started. There are numerous frames to select from. You can mix video and photos in the same frame. Videos can be up to 30 seconds long each. You can include up to four video clips. If you pick a frame with more than 4 slots, fill the others with photos.  If your video clip is too long, you can trim it in the program. To add a video or photo you just tap in the square and it opens your camera roll for selection. You can move the photo or video around to show the portion desired in the frame. You can have all your videos play at once. Or you can set them to play sequentially – one at a time! There are a number of nice special effects that you can add to your videos or photos.  You can save to your camera roll or upload to Youtube or Facebook – and it will play your videos along with display your photos. You can also upload to Instagram and Twitter but your videos won’t play.

I would use it also to liven up my videos in iMovie or Avid! Special effects in iMovie are non existent and limited in Avid Studio for the iPad. You are limited to clips of 30 seconds but you could do more than one and drop them into your time line here and there for more pizazz!  PicPlayPost App is $1.99 at the app store and worth every penny and more in my opinion!  See more details in our video and photo app database!

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