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Pinnacle Studio App

Pinnacle Studio - App for the ipad

Pinnacle Studio App – Replacing Avid for the Ipad Grab it quick while it’s free! The Avid app has been bought. They did one last update. Get it while it’s free or you will have to pay for any updates in the future. One really nice change that is way over due is the app now has support for full HD video export at 1080p. 



In a World…Drama is an app for the iphone and other idevices. You can create and star in your own movie trailers. Once you hear the voice of Jonathan Cook – you know it’s “THE” voice you have heard everywhere. You can add photos but unfortunately no video clips. You get to mix and match prerecorded phrases.  More details in our iphone app database  

PicPlayPost App

PicPlayPost App for iPhone, iPad and iPod

PicPlayPost is a great app for the iPhone or iPad (iPod als0) to combine videos and photos in a frame. It is an elegantly simple application to use. Select your frame and ratio and get started. There are numerous frames to select from. You can mix video and photos in the same frame. Videos can be up to 30 seconds long each. You can include

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Tired of searching thru the Apple App store looking for just the right video or photo editing program? Looking for an app that will shoot both video and photos and zoom for a closer view? Then check out our app data base and search for features you need, search by category – video, photo, special effects. Or look at our Quick searches – video apps,

Free Apps

snapseed iphone photo app

Valentine’s Day Slasher Alert – Free iPhone Apps! Don’t miss out on free apps for your iphone, ipad or ipod touch! Some of these apps are only free for today. So here goes: Snapseed – very popular and well rated photo editing program.   With this app you can use Auto Correct and take the easy way. You can also use “selective adjust” which is great